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Y300-0000 C324B178C324-589.00MB$2.00
Y300-0000 C149B180C149-522.00MB$2.00
Y300-0000 C17B180C17-558.00MB$2.00
Y300-0000 C10B177C10-540.00MB$2.00
Y300-0000 C00B193C00-571.00MB$2.00


official firmware Y300-0000 last build number:

Huawei Y300-0000 phones in many cases may have problems and their Android operating system may experience slow speeds or problems such as the phone not booting. Most users of these devices usually have software problems after the OTA update and eventually have to flash or reinstall the ROM for the AscendY300.

In this post, we decided to prepare the official Huawei firmware Y300-0000  to fix such errors and other errors that occur for the Huawei AscendY300 (Y300-0000). It should be noted that the official firmware Y300-0000 is the latest build released by Huawei for this model.

On Huawei brand phones, you can go to (Settings> About Device> Build Number) in the settings section to view the build number, build number, and region of the device.

Tip 1: – Before downloading and installing the Y300-0000 firmware, please make sure that the ROM is suitable for your phone’s area code, because if the Y300-0000 ROM does not match the area of ​​your phone, you will encounter an error when installing it. pay attention to the  phone area (C185, C636, C432)

Tip 2: When choosing  Y300-0000 firmware, pay attention to the phone build number that it must be the same or higher than your phone build number.

Flashing the device and installing the AscendY300 ROM is very simple, and if you follow the instructions to do it step by step, you will not need to know what happens behind the scenes of this process. Be aware that if something goes wrong during the flash process, your mobile phone may become down and unusable. Although such a thing rarely happens, it can happen if you are not careful enough.

preparations installing official firmware Y300-0000 :

– Before taking any action, please make sure that your phone is above 50% of the battery charge.

– make a backup of all internal memory information (photos, movies, music, contacts, messages, accounts, programs, and games).

-to install Y300-0000 firmware, you need a Micro SD with at least 4 gigs of free space to run.


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